The Next Revival

Council of the Lord Series #3

What will the next revival be like? I listened in on the council of the Lord on August 6, 2018, and here’s the prophetic message I received.

My son, we once again desire to bring revival to the earth. We desire to add line upon line and precept upon precept. We desire to add rain upon rain, an outpouring of the Spirit to refresh and to restore all that has been promised to the Church.

We will go before you, we will go before many to bring in this promised ushering of the Spirit, for the Spirit shall come in, shall sweep in, and shall take over, and the Spirit shall orchestrate many things—not only during meetings but during movements—between meetings, between cities, between churches, between denominations, between countries and nations.

Know that the Holy Spirit is the Great Administrator and is able to do these things to bring about great changes, changes that religion, changes that governments cannot deny and cannot put down.

We will pour our Spirit out in many ways in many places. Fires shall spring up, and they shall not be quenched. The fire of the Lord burns ever brightly. Let it burn with the fear of the Lord, and let the Spirit, the Spirit of burning, baptize you with fire that you may be purified and go forth unto the nations to preach the gospel with signs following.

This is the next move of God. All nations shall come to know the King. The gospel shall be preached to all nations, and then the end shall come.

Do not be afraid, but give yourself and seek the Lord while He may be found. Ask for rain in the time of rain. Ask for revival. Ask for the outpouring of the Spirit, and you shall surely see it begin to be poured out.

We have a work to be accomplished. We have history to bring to a close. For we desire to get on with Eternity, where all rejoice in the presence of the Lord and the glory of the Lord covers the earth as the waters cover the sea.

Are you hearing or reading anything along these lines elsewhere? Please comment if so. Thanks and blessings.

Further reading:

  • Psalm 80:18
  • Psalm 85:6
  • Hosea 6:2
  • Deuteronomy 11:14
  • Joel 2:23
  • Zechariah 10:1
  • James 5:7
  • Isaiah 4:4-6
  • Isaiah 55:6
  • Habakkuk 2:14
  • Matthew 3:11

3 thoughts on “The Next Revival

    1. Hi, Deana. Thanks so much for your comment and the link. Powerful words! What really spoke to me most were these:
      – “How much the Church would benefit if they could receive me in all the ways I come to them” — like God trying to pour the ocean through a kitchen funnel.
      – “I have transformed my servants of the prophetic word, for these Latter Days, from an engine bound to a track, to be like a leaping and antlered stag!” I say, it’s about time. But there will be a price to pay. Perhaps the stag must leap to avoid being pierced by arrows.
      – “Know now for many to accept their end times ministry they will need to facilitate even more liberty, in the house of iron rails, to accommodate even more power, express in the demonstrations of the Spirit.” God’s power is leaving the house, leaving even the streets and lanes of the city to the highways and hedges (Luke 14:21-24) to bring in “other sheep which are not of this fold” (John 10:16). I hope to write about this revelation soon.
      – “Though the vision was true, still their approach was equivalent to a rail line in the river; for the wind of my Spirit was too radical for them.” Prophets today rarely prophesy beyond gift prophecy, which is available to every Spirit-filled believer. The pure word of God comes with consequences, not kudos.
      – “Many hold their ear to soothsaying and not to the voice of my Spirit, … chasing flattering tongues. … When will my people see the flatterer seeks political gain only to mock the moves of God, not facilitate them?”
      – “I am striking a fire where none has ever burned.”
      – “My little ones will not be abandoned, but nurtured in the House of the Father.”
      – “In an instant all these will merge as one in a Holy tempest, says the Lord. WINDS, WAVES and FIRE.” There will be a merging of former moves into something new that will go beyond what we have seen in the past. It will be wine without the wineskin. “Indeed my belly is like wine that has no vent; It is ready to burst like new wineskins” (Job 32:9 NKJV).
      – “An emphasis on TONGUES will resubmit and quickly move its course to the greater giftings, all of this in double portion of what has formerly been known.” AMEN.
      Blessings and the fullness of the Spirit be yours.


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