Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Understanding and Receiving God’s Gift

I presented a teaching about the baptism in the Holy Spirit at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Jamestown, NY, April 14, 2018.

Below, the audio is available to play online or for download in two MP3 files, totaling an hour and a half.

Scriptures used and notes are included in a PDF handout.

Audio for Segment 1 (54 min.)
      Right-click to download MP3 file 1 (Save Link As…)


Audio for Segment 2 (36 min.)
      Right-click to download MP3 file 2 (Save Link As…)

I pray the teaching is a blessing to you. If you have questions, feel free to comment or contact me.

Note: The “Short History of Tongues” handout is a section from my book, Speaking in Tongues.

More information:
Sealed with the Holy Spirit
An Anointing from the Holy One
Drinking of the Holy Spirit
Speaking in Tongues: Intelligible Languages or Unknown Tongues?
Standing Firm Until Christ’s Return
Filled with Joy and the Holy Spirit
Inclusivity of the Holy Spirit

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